How long does labour last?

How long does labour last? What is the average time for labour & childbirth? In medical terms labour is divided into three stages: 1st stage – where your uterus and body are getting ready. Your cervix is softening and will begin to open until it is fully open (dilated). It is sometimes referred to asContinue reading “How long does labour last?”

What to wear during childbirth?

A question that comes up frequently during my childbirth preparation classes is “What to wear during childbirth?”. The answer is, whatever feels comfortable to you. There are a few things you may wish to consider when deciding what to wear during childbirth The birth environment – While you are in control of the temperature ofContinue reading “What to wear during childbirth?”

Positions for Childbirth

Learn about Positions for Childbirth. Which positions do women and birthing people use during birth? Positions which support the birthing process and can make the birth of your baby easier and go more smoothly. Changing positions and keeping active during childbirth can help the birthing process and reduce the need for interventions. Chose positions whichContinue reading “Positions for Childbirth”

Pregnancy and new baby timeline – What to expect

You are pregnant! Congratulations! Now you are wondering about the pregnancy and new baby timeline and what to expect before and after the birth of your new baby? Here is a rough guide of what to expect during your pregnancy, on the day of the birth of your baby and in the early few weeksContinue reading “Pregnancy and new baby timeline – What to expect”

Informed decision-making for birth

Why is Informed decision-making for birth so important? Often, pregnancy is a woman’s or pregnant person’s first significant introduction to the healthcare system. Suddenly, you have to make all sorts of decisions for you, your baby and your family unit. You’ll be faced with difficult choices around your healthcare during your pregnancy and birth. OftenContinue reading “Informed decision-making for birth”

Make some noise during childbirth

Make some noise during childbirth or not? What do you think is more helpful or beneficial for the birthing process? The Mirror, recently printed an article about a mother who had shared on social media that her doctor told her to be quiet when giving birth. She felt that that was rude, which prompted meContinue reading “Make some noise during childbirth”

Benefits of Waterbirth

Due to it’s benefits, waterbirth has become increasingly popular with expectant families in the recent years. Let’s explore the benefits and possible disadvantages as well as practicalities a little further. The Benefits of waterbirth: Contractions will more comfortable No known side effects on baby or mum The warm water helps you to relax Being relaxedContinue reading “Benefits of Waterbirth”

Waterbirth at home

You are pregnant and are planning a waterbirth at home? You are not quite sure how to sell the idea to your partner? Read this! Here is a ‘guide on how to persuade your partner to have a waterbirth at home 😉 My husband wrote about the birth of our second baby for one ofContinue reading “Waterbirth at home”

The role of the birth partner

The role of the birth partner includes many different ‘hats’. But it could be as simple as being there… The key is the partner’s presence. Being there in the moment, being the guardian of oxytocin, the birth keeper, the advocate. Your role will be led by the birthing mother/person who you are supporting. Who canContinue reading “The role of the birth partner”

Your Birth Plan

Your birth plan or better birth preferences can be an important part of your journey into parenthood. You may have heard people talking about their birth plan going out of the window or saying it is not worth writing one… In my opinion, as a doula and mother of 4, it is worth thinking aboutContinue reading “Your Birth Plan”