Monitoring and Assisted Births – PowerPoint Presentation


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Monitoring and Assisted Births – PowerPoint Presentation

This is a PowerPoint Slide set to explore and explain monitoring during childbirth, as well as assisted births. A great visual learning aid to deepen understanding of possible interventions during childbirth. Furthermore, they help to explore if/why/when interventions are necessary.

Includes one slide each with:

  • external monitoring
  • internal monitoring
  • assisted births (ventouse & forceps)

These slides are also used in my antenatal course PowerPoint slides. 

This PowerPoint Slide set is fully editable, and you are welcome to use the images as part as your existing PowerPoint presentations.

Single-user licence applies. Strictly no print distribution of the images. The images are for on-screen use only. Please do not distribute copies of the images or the PowerPoint to anyone.

If you’d like to purchase the images for use with your logo, other materials or multiple users, please contact me.


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