Baby Weaning

Baby Weaning or starting solid foods with your baby. How do you know when, how and where to start? Where can we find some tried and tested recipes? Are we exploring baby-led-weaning (BLW) or are we starting our baby on purees first? So many questions new parents have with regards of weaning their baby. TheContinue reading “Baby Weaning”

How does hypnobirthing work?

How does Hypnobirthing work and what is the difference between hypnobirthing and mindful hypnobirthing? Hypnobirthing is a method to help women and birthing people to keep calm during pregnancy and childbirth. There is not much research around hypnobirthing available. However, from my experience of giving birth to my four children and supporting families since 2010,Continue reading “How does hypnobirthing work?”