Keeping your baby cool in hot weather

With the summer approaching, I would like to share some top tips on keeping your baby cool in hot weather. Keeping your baby cool in the hot weather is not the only thing to look out for, it is also important to keep them safe at the same time. Sleeping/Bedtime/Naps in hot weather Give themContinue reading “Keeping your baby cool in hot weather”

Waterbirth at home

You are pregnant and are planning a waterbirth at home? You are not quite sure how to sell the idea to your partner? Read this! Here is a ‘guide on how to persuade your partner to have a waterbirth at home 😉 My husband wrote about the birth of our second baby for one ofContinue reading “Waterbirth at home”

Re-usable nappies aka washable nappies

Re-usable or washable nappies, are they worth it? How do you use them? How can I persuade my husband or partner to give them a go? How can I persuade myself? Read this funny take on a wife persuading her hubby about re-usable or washable nappies! My husband actually wrote the article years ago. ItContinue reading “Re-usable nappies aka washable nappies”

What to pack in my hospital bag for childbirth?

Top tips on how when and what to pack in your hospital bag for childbirth. You can pack your birth bag whenever you like but ideally would like to have it ready at least 3 weeks before your due date. If you have a birth partner, get them involved in packing the hospital bag. ThatContinue reading “What to pack in my hospital bag for childbirth?”

Baby Weaning

Baby Weaning or starting solid foods with your baby. How do you know when, how and where to start? Where can we find some tried and tested recipes? Are we exploring baby-led-weaning (BLW) or are we starting our baby on purees first? So many questions new parents have with regards of weaning their baby. TheContinue reading “Baby Weaning”

Pregnant again

Congratulations! Being pregnant again is especially challenging when the next older child is still very young. Having a toddler and being pregnant can be very hard work! You are of course tired because you’re pregnant but also, you cannot nap in the day as easily. The best thing for you and your family in thisContinue reading “Pregnant again”

New baby sleep arrangements… Moses basket? Crib> Cot?

When you have a new baby, it may be difficult to decide which sleep arrangements you’ll be going for. Where will our new baby/babies sleep? Which type of bed will fit into our bedroom? How long can they stay in that bed? How long will a Moses basket last us? Will our twins fit intoContinue reading “New baby sleep arrangements… Moses basket? Crib> Cot?”