Waterbirth at home

You are pregnant and are planning a waterbirth at home? You are not quite sure how to sell the idea to your partner? Read this! Here is a ‘guide on how to persuade your partner to have a waterbirth at home 😉 My husband wrote about the birth of our second baby for one ofContinue reading “Waterbirth at home”

Teaching about breathing techniques for childbirth?

Most antenatal education formats virtual or in-person, include breathing techniques for childbirth. There are a range of different techniques used by different organizations or private facilitators.Breathing techniques are well known for being helpful in stressful situations and to help people relax.  Harvard Health Publishing says: “Relaxation techniques: Breath control helps quell errant stress response”. Therefore, breathingContinue reading “Teaching about breathing techniques for childbirth?”

What is a labour beadline?

A labour beadline is a collection of beads strung up on a fishing line or similar strong thread. Some labour bead lines are using different sized beads to represent contractions vs breaks others use different colours and some use both. I mostly use wooden beads, but any type of material will do. I use newContinue reading “What is a labour beadline?”

Birth Bag Tips (COVID-19 top-ups)

What to pack into your birth bag aka hospital bag during this pandemic? Are there any essentials that you’ve missed? Find out… Ideally, pack three bags. One for mum/birthing person, one for the (birth) partner and one for baby/babies. COVID-19 TopUPs are highlighted in bold Bag for mum/birthing person Your birth plan and maternity notes Comfy,Continue reading “Birth Bag Tips (COVID-19 top-ups)”