Informed decision-making for birth

Why is Informed decision-making for birth so important?

Often, pregnancy is a woman’s or pregnant person’s first significant introduction to the healthcare system. Suddenly, you have to make all sorts of decisions for you, your baby and your family unit. You’ll be faced with difficult choices around your healthcare during your pregnancy and birth. Often you’ll be influenced by healthcare professionals, your family and friends, media, social media, books, memories, etc. All claiming to know what’s best for you and your baby and in the end leaving you torn…

Whatever choices you are contemplating, you can positively impact your ability to make informed choices you’ll be happy with and you’ll feel empowered by. You can help yourself making informed decisions for your birth.

One frequently used acronym in childbirth education or hypnobirthing classes is BRAIN(S) or BRIAN. Here is a visual to help you remember it:

meet brian

BRIAN aka BRAIN is a simple acronym to help you in gathering all the information you need to make informed decisions about your own and your baby’s health care. When you join my hypnobirthing classes you’ll get to meet BRIAN (my weighted baby doll). We will help you with your informed decision-making for birth! 

What are the benefits of the treatment/procedure/etc? Is this what is usually done? How do the usual benefits apply to your personal, individual care?

Are there any risks? What risks are there with the treatment/procedure/etc? Is this what is usually done? How do these apply to your personal and individual care?

How do you feel about the treatment/procedure/etc. offered? What does your gut tell you?

What are the alternatives? Where can I get a second/third opinion?

What would happen if I do nothing? Is it an emergency? How much time have we got to think about it? Do we have to make a decision now?

With this simple and memorable acronym you can make informed decisions without having to memorise or read all the available statistics and research. You will feel more in control of the birth as well as more empowered and happier with your individual birth experience.

And that’s why informed decision-making for childbirth is so important.

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