Facilitating Antenatal Classes online

What do I need and where do I start when facilitating antenatal classes online? How can I keep my clients actively engaged in during the classes and how can I make my online antenatal classes more interactive? What do I need to facilitate antenatal classes online? When facilitating your antenatal classes online, it’s important thatContinue reading “Facilitating Antenatal Classes online”

Make some noise during childbirth

Make some noise during childbirth or not? What do you think is more helpful or beneficial for the birthing process? The Mirror, recently printed an article about a mother who had shared on social media that her doctor told her to be quiet when giving birth. She felt that that was rude, which prompted meContinue reading “Make some noise during childbirth”

Keeping your baby cool in hot weather

With the summer approaching, I would like to share some top tips on keeping your baby cool in hot weather. Keeping your baby cool in the hot weather is not the only thing to look out for, it is also important to keep them safe at the same time. Sleeping/Bedtime/Naps in hot weather Give themContinue reading “Keeping your baby cool in hot weather”

Tips for keeping cool when pregnant

Being pregnant when it’s hot can be uncomfortable. Here are some tips for keeping cool when pregnant in the hot summer months! Stay cool and safe with these cooling tips and tricks: ☀️ Stay hydrated – drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water helps to prevent dehydration. Drink more than on colder days asContinue reading “Tips for keeping cool when pregnant”

Benefits of Waterbirth

Due to it’s benefits, waterbirth has become increasingly popular with expectant families in the recent years. Let’s explore the benefits and possible disadvantages as well as practicalities a little further. The Benefits of waterbirth: Contractions will more comfortable No known side effects on baby or mum The warm water helps you to relax Being relaxedContinue reading “Benefits of Waterbirth”

Waterbirth at home

You are pregnant and are planning a waterbirth at home? You are not quite sure how to sell the idea to your partner? Read this! Here is a ‘guide on how to persuade your partner to have a waterbirth at home 😉 My husband wrote about the birth of our second baby for one ofContinue reading “Waterbirth at home”

Re-usable nappies aka washable nappies

Re-usable or washable nappies, are they worth it? How do you use them? How can I persuade my husband or partner to give them a go? How can I persuade myself? Read this funny take on a wife persuading her hubby about re-usable or washable nappies! My husband actually wrote the article years ago. ItContinue reading “Re-usable nappies aka washable nappies”

Flying when pregnant

Ahead of the travelling season, let’s explore things to know about flying when pregnant. Maybe you have booked a holiday before you knew that you were pregnant? Now, do you need to cancel? Or is it okay to fly while pregnant? The good news: Flying isn’t harmful to you or your baby, […] NHS. butContinue reading “Flying when pregnant”