Positive Birth Affirmations

Free positive birth affirmations to support you in your hypnobirthing journey.

Positive birth affirmations are also know as positive self-talk or statements for a positive birth.

Positive birth affirmations help to programme your subconscious to tune into your natural ability to give birth, your strength and resilience. Letting go of fears and to build your body-confidence is a big part of your hypnobirthing experience and helps you work towards a more positive birth experience. Remember, your job is to focus on your comfort and the birth you want and your midwives are there to support you and your baby.

You can write your own positive birth affirmations on cards or sticky notes and put them up around your home to look at, take in and practice daily. Make them colourful and engaging to look at or make keep them all the same. It’s up to you! Your body, your baby, your birth experience!

I have designed a few different styles of affirmations for you to download for free.

Feel free to print them to put up around your home. That way you are creating a wonderful, safe, inspiring environment for you to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your baby!

Top Tip:

Print or make two sets of Positive birth affirmations. One for keeping around your home and one set to place in your birth environment or on a portable vision board for birth!

When it is time for your baby’s birth, take the affirmation with you in the birthing space. Every time, you notice one of these affirmations, or your partner reads them to you, they will trigger to help you relax, feel resourceful, welcome your contraction waves.

Every time you spot an affirmation in your home, look at it and take a moment to slow down, breathe and connect with your body and your baby!

You can download these positive affirmations for FREE and print them here:

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