Make some noise during childbirth

Make some noise during childbirth

Make some noise during childbirth or not? What do you think is more helpful or beneficial for the birthing process?

The Mirror, recently printed an article about a mother who had shared on social media that her doctor told her to be quiet when giving birth. She felt that that was rude, which prompted me to write this post…

Make some noise during childbirth

Now, make some noise during childbirth? Yes, make some noise during childbirth!

Most women and birthing people will make some noise when they are birthing their baby or babies. You can use the noise to your advantage! Especially, lower, deeper abdominal noise and sounds can be helpful! If in doubt, any noise is better than holding your breath! Here are some examples of noised I’ve heard when attending births:

Growling/roaring – Occurs most likely and often during pushing, when a woman must summon up all of her strength to push out baby.

Low grunting – deep sounding noise from inside your abdomen, can help the birth process. It’s most often heard during the second stage (pushing) of labour. When making those deep, low sounds, you are using your diaphragm which helps the ‘pushing stage’.

Mantra/Affirmations/repeating words – another helpful way to stay calm, strong and focused during birth is to repeat a helpful mantra, affirmations or some words. The use of affirmations or mantra’s for birth is very common. You can sing them, say them out loud, say them in your head and/or read them. Here are some free affirmations for you to chose from/print or make your own. I have a recorded affirmation mp3 for which includes the script, so that your doula or partner can read them to you. They recording is available with and without background music.

Screaming – Unlike what you see in movies, screaming is actually uncommon during childbirth. However, if you observe the birthing woman or person screaming, it’s most likely that they are panicking and need some assistance/support to ground themselves, calm down and relax. A shoulder/touch anchor can be very helpful in this situation. To learn more about anchors for childbirth, join a hypnobirthing class!

Were you surprised about the noises you made while giving birth or you heard when someone was giving birth? Tell us in the comments!

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