Flying when pregnant

Ahead of the travelling season, let’s explore things to know about flying when pregnant. Maybe you have booked a holiday before you knew that you were pregnant? Now, do you need to cancel? Or is it okay to fly while pregnant?

The good news:

Flying isn’t harmful to you or your baby, […]


but it is always a good idea to discuss any concerns with your midwife and/or team of healthcare professionals.

It is worth taking into consideration:

  • how far along you are in your pregnancy at the time of travel
  • whether you have any health concerns
  • where you are travelling to
    • is it long-distance?
    • are vaccinations recommended for your destination?
  • which airline you are flying with

Flying when pregnant infographic and top tips!

Flying when pregnant
  • For long-distance flights (longer than 4 hours), drink plenty of water and move about regularly, or do in-seat exercises. This helps to minimise the small risk of blood clots (1-2 women in 1000). You can buy a pair of graduated compression or flight stockings from the pharmacy, which will help reduce leg swelling.
  • Some airlines won’t let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy. Remember to check with the airline for their policy on this.
  • Make sure you have your maternity notes, travel insurance and health insurance documents with you and know about maternity care/hospitals at your destination.
  • You can listen to your hypnobirthing tracks while you are flying to help with comfort, confidence and nausea.
  • Ask the cabin crew for a seatbelt extension if needed, and wear your seatbelt under your bump.
  • Avoid gassy foods before the journey to increase your comfort during the flight!
  • Carry medication in your hand-luggage!
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