Induction of labour – pdf



Induction of labour – pdf

Induction of labour card set print-your-own pdf. Two designs! 1) Full colour (pictures 1 and 2) 2) ink save (pictures 3 and 4)

Size: A6 (4 cards on an A4 page)

25 different cards. Three categories:

1) Medical Induction / Augmentation of labour

2) Bringing on labour at home / without medical assistance

3) Some reasons for induction, as discussion triggers.

Full (electronic / digital download) description of each card / method is included which also signposts to some further reading and studies. QR codes and links to studies and further reading are provided, too. You can use them in class for clients to use and research some of the topic during the session or in advance.

**** This print-your-own activity is NOT included in any bundles. Only available separately. ****

Also, available as printed card set (A6).

This is a digital product (pdf) and all activities are printable on standard A4 paper. No need to set up anything or change any settings. Just download, open and print!

I recommend that you laminate the Breastfeeding Positions – printables to increase their durability and flexibility. Additionally, laminated activities can be used with dry-wipe markers but also can be cleaned before/after use, to keep them COVID-secure.


This set is NOT included in any bundles. Only available separately

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