Icebreaker – String them together



Icebreaker – String them together

This Icebreaker – String them together encourages participants to talk to each other while learning a few things about childbirth and birth related things.

Parents-to-be will have a card with a statement or a piece of string each. They’ll have to find the matching pair. i.e. card: umbilical cord; string: 55cm

In addition to the card provided in this digital file, you’ll need:

  • 1 piece of string of each of the lengths on the cards
  • Bag, bowl, box, hat or similar (to have the strings in)
  • Blue tack or similar (optional)
  • measuring tape per person (optional)

A fun and interactive activity which also encourages moving around the room.

The cards are included as A4 and A5, printable in standard A4.

This is a digital product which is printable on standard A4 paper. There is no need to set up anything or change any settings. Just download, open and print!

This handout is also included in the following bundles:

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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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