Icebreaker questions for parenting classes (in an antenatal setting)



Icebreaker questions for parenting classes in an antenatal setting. It is a two-page A4 printable pdf file. The sheet includes aim, learning outcomes, a list of possible questions/statements.

Some other icebreaker ideas for antenatal classes:

  • Goodie bag activity – have a goodie bag full of items (one item per participant or couple) i.e. birth bag items, nappy bag items, post-partum recovery items. Ask each participant/couple to pick one [random] item. When everyone has one item, go round and ask the ‘owner’ to comment on the item. What might it be used for? What is it?…
  • People bingo – each participant has a “People Bingo” Card and has to go round and talk to other participants to find people matching the statement. Statements could be: Has a red car. Doesn’t drink tea. Is left-handed…
  • Scavenger hunt – when facilitating online, I often use a scavenger hunt. I put a list of items on the screen, usually related to a topic such as the birth bag and ask participants to find as many of the listed items as they can. This activity usually creates lots of laughter and gets people moving instead of sitting in front of a screen!
  • Physical skills demo – ask each participant/couple to demonstrate a breathing technique, position for childbirth or a massage technique and encourage the others to join in.

Find some more icebreaker activities for your antenatal and parenting classes, including the very popular “nice to meet you” people bingo, in my shop! I have also got a fully editable PowerPoint slide set for antenatal education and one for infant feeding education available from my shop.


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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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