Breastfeeding positions A2 poster


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Breastfeeding positions – A2 poster (printed on durable PVC).

Breastfeeding positions A2 poster showing 8 positions to feed your baby as well as 4 breastfeeding positions for twins.

Use the poster to show, explain and explore different breastfeeding positions and their benefits. The poster also shows breastfeeding positions for twins.

The same images are used in my breastfeeding positions card set (large) and the antenatal class journals. Use them together for a professional-looking and coherent education experience.

A matching hand-out is available for you as an instant digital download (pdf) when you purchase this poster. You can print and distribute unlimited copies of the handout to any of your clients as part of your services. However, you are not allowed to sell the handout or distribute electronic copies!

Great re-usable and durable teaching aid. Printed on durable PVC. The banner / poster is waterproof. NOT suitable for use with dry-wipe markers!

I also offer workshops and mentoring for all birth worker and teachers. Especially for online learning, but also on how to use any of my products and activities. So, if you would like to explore any activities together, get in touch!

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