SEO tips for birth workers

As a self-employed birth worker, it is essential that your potential clients can find you. Here are some SEO (search engine optimisation) tips for birth workers to get you started. Some may think that social media will do all the work for you, but does it?

You are a doula, antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing practitioner or other birth worker and have very short window of getting your clients’ attention and to book your services. We do rely on word of mouth, and us in the search results!

Where do you go when you look for a service? Do you check your social media or do you use an internet search engine?

4 out of 5 people use search for local services and businesses using search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Optimising your website for local search results can make a huge difference to the number of (potential) clients finding out about you and the services you offer. Even better, SEO is free!!

SEO tips for birth workers

Here are my top SEO tips for birth workers

Keep it local!

Optimise your about and services pages for local searches! Make sure to include your town, city, area you work in in your description.

To display your website to your (potential) clients, search engines need to understand three very important things,

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. Where you are

You can do that in one or two sentences, ensuring you include this information on your home, about as well as service pages!

Example: Hello I am <Your name >, a <job/role i.e. hypnobirthing practitioner> in <area you are working in>, I offer a local support/services including <add some examples>.

Keep it speedy!

Optimise the speed of your website. Search engines are more likely to suggest your site higher up in the search results when your site is loading faster. Here are some free tools to check the speed of your website:

Use Google’s Page Speed Insights Test or the Pingdom Website Speed Test to find out how quickly your website loads.

Keep it mobile-friendly!

The vast majority of internet users and your (potential) clients search and access information via their mobile phones or other mobile devices. Make sure, that you website is accessible and user-friendly for mobile phone/devices. Here is a free tool to check what your site looks like on mobile devices:

Use this google tool to find out if your website looks great on mobile devices.

Keep it fresh!

Nobody likes outdated content, so the search engines will check when you have last updated the information/anything on your website. They’ll show ‘fresher’ pages higher up in the results as they are more likely up-to-date. So simply, log on to your site now and again and write a blog post, or change a few things round. Keep it fresh!

Keep it linked!

Creating backlinks, is another important tool. If other local businesses or other birth workers are linking to your content, it is a little star for you. It makes you seem more ‘trustworthy’ in the eyes of a search engine at least! Careful! Use links/linkbacks to and from relevant and natural content. Think about swapping links with other local related businesses with the same or very similar audience, such as family photographers, holistic therapists, perinatal fitness, etc.

Now, get yourself a cuppa and optimise your SEO following my tips for birth workers above!


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