Virtual Antenatal Education – How to engage your audience

Virtual Antenatal Education – How to engage your audience is a workshop to empower all doulas, midwives, perinatal educators and other birth workers to facilitate live, fun & engaging workshops online!

About Virtual Antenatal Education – How to engage your audience

Are you a birth worker or doula and currently facilitating or planning to facilitate your classes, courses or workshops online? Are you facilitating Antenatal or Postnatal content for groups or in 1:1 settings on Zoom?

3 hours of live content, including resources* such as powerpoint slides and visuals for perinatal education!

Are you looking for ideas to improve your Zoom workshops? Are you tired of being the only one talking? Would you like to get your participants more engaged? Would you like to know how it feels to be on ‘the other side’?

Then this workshop s for you! During this workshop, we will explore zoom features such as breakout rooms, annotation, polls and whiteboard. In addition to that, we will explore other free tools which may enhance your workshops.

You’ll get

  • Free visual aids included in the workshop*
  • Small group (up to 12 participants, only)
  • run by an experienced and perinatal educator

Topics covered

  • Icebreakers
  • facilitating and allowing discussions online
  • annotations
  • card sorts
  • informed decision-making activities
  • using visual aids
  • quizzes
  • group work online
  • homework and revision for clients
  • and more

On the day you’ll need:

  • a stable internet connection
  • ideally a PC or laptop with the zoom app installed
  • a power source for your device
  • one additional device, such as a smartphone
  • pens and paper
  • please have your video and microphone on

To get the most out of the workshop, please engage with your cameras and microphones on, as well as a smile on your face! You won’t get away with just watching/listening! – I will not record the workshop.

Furthermore, all activity tools that we’ll use during this workshop are either part of zoom or are free to register. In addition to that, all images and visuals we’ll use during the workshop will be available to you after the workshop.

I look forward to working with you!

*resources are included for ‘full package’ ticket holders

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