Starting Solids (Weaning) cook-along

a live, interactive 1:1 online workshop for your family.

Starting Solids (weaning) cook-along. Live, interactive and online. Get friends and family involved!

Hey there!

Time for your starting solids (weaning) cook-along!

  • Is it time to wean your baby onto solid foods?
  • Are you unsure about how to start, when to start and what to prepare?

During my live, interactive 1:1 online starting solids (weaning) cook-along you’ll learn about the current recommendations for starting solids, explore different approaches and we will prepare at least 2 meals and 2 types of snack together, live in camera.

Starting Solids (weaning) online workshop. Cook-along. Prep some meals together with friends and family.

Starting Solids (weaning) cook-along

Is a live, interactive, fun online workshop. During the 2 hours we’ll explore signs of readiness as well as different approaches to weaning your baby.

The aim of the workshop is for you to feel confident, relaxed and enthusiastic about introducing solids to your baby.

The learning outcomes are:

  • understand that starting solids is a physiological developmental stage, like walking or crawling
  • have information about the different approaches to starting solids, enabling you to make informed decisions about what, when and how is best for you and your baby
  • be able to present food in batons
  • be able to create a few basic starter finger foods
  • know sources of good & safe information

The fee is £75 per device/family and the workshop takes 2 hours.

Sign up for your Starting Solids Cook-along Workshop

Please fill in the form below, to register your interest. I will be in touch withing 48 hours and will send you an invoice upon agreement of dates/times. Alternatively, you can pay in advance via the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.


Starting Solids cook-along


Alternatively, you can also book my in-person group Starting Solids Workshops here.


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