Skin-to-Skin Handout


An A4 handout to print for clients.


Skin-to-Skin Handout (print-your-own pdf).

This Skin-to-Skin Handout explains the benefits of skin-to-skin for babies and their parents. A photo handout capturing parents faces, newborn babies during early skin-to-skin but also a capture of an older baby nursing. The photos show babies being born in water, at home in hospital and via caesarean/abdominal birth. Skin-to-skin is beneficial for all!

A wonderful handout. This handout is also available as an A2 poster! Please contact me for details!

This is an A4 handout, printable single -sided. Print them on your printer at home.

This is a digital product which is printable on standard A4 paper. There is no need to set up anything or change any settings. Just download, open and print!

Handout copyright: All rights reserved. You have permission to reproduce this handout in print with complete credit given to the author. This PDF may not be posted online. Handouts may be distributed freely in print but not sold.

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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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