Placenta and Cord Photo Cards


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Placenta and Cord Photo Cards

The Placenta and Cord Photo Cards are a wonderful visual learning aid. Supporting and encouraging discussion about the human placenta, the thirds stage, options and choices.

Parents-to-be can explore their options as well as learn more about the third stage of childbirth.

My Placenta and Cord Poster uses the same images.

The Placenta and Cord Photo Cards are A6 (standard postcard size) in size.

The cards are on a 330gsm card stock. They have a matt finish for a more professional look and feel, but are NOT encapsulated.

Includes descriptions for each of the pictures (digital download).

The set includes:

  • 8 different pictures of placenta, cord & some cord/membranes/placenta art.
  • Digital (pdf) sheet with supporting information for the facilitator


To my friends, family, colleagues and customers who have kindly provided the photos for this photo set. Special thanks to Becki from Mothers Spirit for her photo contributions!

Please do not copy, adapt, change or reprint any of the pictures without written consent. You are allowed to display and use these pictures in educational settings for educational purposes only.


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