Online Learning Bundle



The Online Learning Bundle contains many PowerPoint files (mostly editable, some are ppsx which will just play) and some pdf files (playable games). The PowerPoint Slides include visuals to explore the anatomy of the pregnant body, breastfeeding positions and more!

The Online Learning Bundle includes:

  • Breastfeeding positions PowerPoint Slides – visuals for parents with one baby or twins
  • The Breastfeeding Puzzle – PowerPoint Show – to explore who and what the breastfeeding family may need
  • The Caesarean Birth Puzzle –  PowerPoint Shop – to explore who may be in the theatre when one baby, twins or triplets are born by caesarean birth
  • Cross-sections – PowerPoint Slides with visuals to compare the female anatomy of the non-pregnant vs pregnant body incl. twin pregnancies
  • Dressing your baby PowerPoint Slides – with a baby, clothes to move around and scenarios to explore layers of clothing for babies in different scenarios
  • a labour timeline visual PowerPoint Slide and Shows. Incl. Twin births
  •  The Milkonaire quiz – a millionaire style PowerPoint quiz about breastfeeding
  • Monitoring & Assisted births visuals – PowerPoint Slides
  • Nappy Changing – PowerPoint Slides
  • Optimal Foetal Positioning – PowerPoint Slides with visuals
  • Onset of labour scenarios – playable pdf game
  • Postnatal scenarios – playable pdf game
  • Shopping with newborns – playable pdf game

One large zip file containing separate pdf, pptx and ppsx (PowerPoint) files.

Alternatively, you can buy most of the activities above individually. Please see the individual product for a more detailed description of each activity and its contents.

This is a digital product bundle and no physical items will be sent.


I also offer workshops and mentoring for all birth worker and teachers. Especially for online learning, but also on how to use any of my products and activities. So, if you would like to explore any activities together, get in touch!

Check out and book on one of my workshops!


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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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