Life with a Newborn/twins – decision game



Life with a Newborn/with newborn twins is a playable pdf decision game.

Choose your own path. Where does your story go? How does it end?

This Life with a Newborn/with newborn twins is a playable pdf decision game file can either be used on-screen to click on the buttons to see where the story leads, or you can print the pages and hand them out/use them during your in-person workshops.


  • Instructions
  • Interactive pdf document x 2 (singelton + twins)

Read the scenario, make your choice (or roll the die in some cases) and then see where the story takes you.

Interactive pdf document digital download.

This activity gets fantastic feedback from parents during their post-partum sessions, and parents find it incredibly helpful!

This is a digital product. It is printable on standard A4 paper. No need to set up anything or change any settings. Just download, open and print!

I recommend that you laminate the activity to increase its durability and flexibility. Laminated activities can be used with dry-wipe markers but also can be cleaned before/after use, to keep them COVID-secure.


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