Labour Beadline – tactile and visual


Explore labour and childbirth using this wonderful visual and tactile learning aid. The labour beadline.

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Your Labour Beadline is a tactile and visual teaching tool which will help you and parents-to-be explore what happens during labour and childbirth. A memorable way of explaining and understanding how childbirth unfolds and how to support the birthing process!

Every labour beadline is unique, just as labour is πŸ™‚ All labour beadlines are handmade by me, Tina Gibbs.Β 

Some beadlines will include a ‘rest and be thankful phase’ others don’t. Please look closely at the images before you purchase. I am always happy to send you more images on request! Just get on touch!

How can you use your labour beadline? – just a few ideas…

  • Illustrate the different stages of labour
  • with add-ons (pictures and cards or golden hour) to make labour more visual – available separately
  • to discuss what may be happening when
  • to use with comfort measure cards (available separately, see massage cards etc.)

You’ll receive:

  • Written instructions with photos
  • beadline x 1

I’ve recently created an add-on to the beadline. It’s the golden hour add-on which is available separately.

I also offer an interactive ZOOM labour beadline DIY Workshop and other workshops for birth workers! You can find this and all my workshops on my Eventbrite page.

This product makes a great present for any midwife, doula, birth worker, antenatal teacher, breastfeeding counsellor or secondary school teacher.



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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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