Hormones of Childbirth – Picture and statement hunt



Hormones of Childbirth – Picture and statement hunt

An activity to explore the main hormones involved during labour and birth. Engaging parents-to-be in a discussion around which hormone matches the picture/statement but also gets them to work together on a solution as well as being encouraged to move around the room.

Hormones of Childbirth – Picture and statement hunt a fun and engaging activity to explore the hormones of childbirth!

This is a great activity to help parents explore what might happen, when it might happen as well as what they may wish to do and how they might feel at the time.

This is a digital product. It is printable on standard A4 paper. No need to set up anything or change any settings. Just download, open and print!

I recommend that you laminate the activity to increase its durability and flexibility. Laminated activities can be used with dry-wipe markers but also can be cleaned before/after use, to keep them COVID-secure.



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