Free resources for Birth Workers Bundle



Free resources for birth workers. This bundle includes:

Traffic light faces – for various traffic light activities
Three faces, three sizes. This free file (pdf) consists of three traffic light faces in red, amber & green (sad, neutral, happy). The File contains three sizes A4, A5 and A6.
Ideal to use in classes to get participants decide whether a scenario is green, amber or red. Could be used for take a stand, card sorts, discussion, quizzes etc.
Take a stand – Birth Environment
This activity can be used as energiser, revitaliser for a group. You can use different topics or just different questions / suggestions for one topic.
Facilitator asks the question and asks the individuals to move to certain places in the room (yes/no/maybe) or in this case the answers…
This may give couples some things to discuss after the session.
Sharing Tasks – Postnatal / Parenting Activity
Originally I read about it in Mary Nolan’s “Antenatal Education – A dynamic approach”.
The facilitator asks partners to fill in the sheet individually. Who is going to be responsible for which task?! After they have filled in the sheet, partners can then compare / discuss (privately in class or at home). At the end, parents could be asked to share one of their findings with the group – if they wish.
I use these sheets printed A4, then laminated and give parents whiteboard markers to tick in class.
24-hour-baby dice
Print and make your own dice to ‘simulate’ baby’s behaviour at random. Possible behaviour:

  • sleep
  • dirty nappy
  • feed
  • cry
  • sick

Gives childbirth class attendees the opportunity to discuss how true / random baby’s behaviour is and what they can do to cope.

Placenta Sticky labels

Can be used to stick on a balloon to demonstrate 3rd stage of labour. Inflate the balloon, stick on the lable. Deflate the balloon and watch how the lable peels off.

24hr baby clocks

Pelvic Floor Weights Activity

The document includes:

  • Full activity description
  • References and further reading
  • Pelvic Floor in pregnancy weight list in large print
  • Pelvic floor, additional weight in pregnancy picture cards of items including description and weight. Cards included in A4, A5 and A6.

Main learning outcome for mums-to-be: importance of pelvic floor exercise
Main learning outcome for partners: weight gain awareness and sympathy.

These free resources for birth workers are supplied as a .zip. The .zip file includes .pdf files and .jpg files.

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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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