Doidycup – Baby/Toddler training cup


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The Doidycup – Uniquely slanted baby/toddler Training Cup. Specially designed to encourage your baby/toddler to drink from the rim of the cup to help them transition from breast or bottle to drinking from a cup. A useful addition to your (baby-led) weaning journey.

Cup Capacity: 6.8 fl oz. / 200ml

Colour: Yellow

Benefits include:

  • Unique design in weaning
  • Designed to encourage infants to drink naturally and independently
  • Encourages and supports baby-led weaning
  • Reduces tooth decay
  • BPA Free
  • Conforms to EN14350
  • Comes on a resealable bag to keep it clean when you’re out and about

Your Doidycup – Baby/Toddler training cup can also be used to feed your infant from it when they refuse to or are unable to drink from a bottle. Also, if you are breastfeeding and cannot be there for your baby and do not wish to use a bottle the Doidycup offers a great alternative.

The Doidycup allows parents to make the move from breast to open cup in one step rather than introducing a teat or spout.

You can purchase your Doidycup here or during one of my Starting Solids (weaning) workshops.