Crochet Uterus Model for Childbirth Education


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Crochet Uterus Model for Childbirth Education – detailed with Caesarean opening and mini placenta

This beautiful crochet uterus model is handmade (colours and size may vary slightly) from model to  model.

Size: approx. 35cm long and 32cm at widest point.

This item represents the woman’s uterus at the end of pregnancy. It can hold a standard soft bodied doll inside it in the foetal position, to demonstrate birth whether vaginal, or caesarean, through openings at the base for vaginal birth, and with a buttoned caesarean opening for a caesarean birth. The cervix is ribbed to represent stretching of the uterine muscles to assist with the birth demonstration.

Attached to the uterus are 2 ovaries, and fallopian tubes to be anatomically correct. In addition to that a small placenta (approx. 12cm diameter) is inside the uterus which you can attach to the baby to aid demonstrations.

Includes instructions (downloadable pdf).

A larger, more detailed placenta can be purchased separately.

Please note: the doll is not included.

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