Crochet Model Placenta




This beautiful crochet model placenta is handmade (colours and size may vary slightly). The crochet model placenta is a wonderful visual and tactile learning aid for all birth workers! It makes it easy to explain and explore the amazing placenta, which has nourished a baby or more during pregnancy.

Size: placenta – approx. 23cm diameter and is padded to approx. 2.5cm. Umbilical cord is approx. 28cm long.

Also, available as identical/shared twin placenta. 

This represents the placenta that has nurtured the baby in the womb, which will be born after the baby. It has arterial and venal blood vessels embroidered on the surface of the placenta, which continue to form the umbilical cord.

The placenta has an amniotic sac attached using netting, to aid demonstration purposes.

Other educational models can be purchased separately.

Please note: the doll is not included.

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Call the midwife!? - Printable activity/game for childbirth education.

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