Barometer of Comfort Measures – Poster


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Barometer of Comfort Measures – Poster

This durable poster can be used to explore different comfort measures for labour & childbirth. Compare & discuss the effectiveness/efficiency of some comfort measures during childbirth. How does the epidural compare to the alternative options? Are self-help measures such as hypnosis equally effective?

The printable activity Pain Management for labour and birth – Sort it out! uses matching images. This poster is a wonderful addition to the activity.

Barometer of Comfort Measures – Poster is A2 in size: 420 x 594mm 

Great re-usable and durable teaching aid. Printed on durable PVC. The banner / poster is waterproof and can be wiped between uses. Suitable to wipe with soapy water. Most alcohol-based products will be fine to use, too. Please try on a non-negotiable patch first! Thank you. NOT suitable for use with dry-wipe markers!

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