New Parent Workshops in Bingham

New Parent Workshops in Bingham and online. Available as a 1:1 or group setting. All workshops take place in or near Bingham. Private group bookings are welcome.

Being a new parent is exciting and overwhelming. Information-overload and not knowing where to start is common. Many new parents wonder how and when to introduce their little ones to solid foods, or how and when to start potty training. I am here to help. I am here to help! My Starting Solids & Toddler-Led Toileting workshops are about evidence-based approaches and support your child’s natural development.

I can give you confidence as a (new) parent, share evidence-based information with you and support you with your journey as a parent. Come and join me for my new parent workshops in Bingham. I look forward to meeting you!

starting solids introducing solids weaning new parent workshops in bingham
Toddler-Led Toileting (Potty Training) new parent workshops in bingham

NEW! Starting Solids Cook Along! A private (1:1) 2-hr live workshop on zoom, where we explore the ‘theory’ of weaning your baby first and then prepare at least 2 recipes + 2 snack foods together. The workshop includes a pre-workshop consultation via email or zoom, where you can share any dietary requirements or preferences. You will also receive a pdf copy of the slides, some electronic handouts as well as a list of recommended further reading.


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