Toddler-Led Toileting (potty training) – online

Toddler-Led Toileting (potty training) – online is a workshop for all parents, grandparents and carers who would like to start or have started potty training.

  • You want to start potty or toilet training, but are not sure where to start?
  • The information, advice and comments about toddler-led toileting or potty training are confusing or even upsetting?
  • You would like to find out more about how to spot the signs of readiness?
  • Maybe you are a grand-parent and would like to support your children with the process?

Then, this Toddler-Led Toileting (potty training) – online is for you!

It’s about less training, more like guiding and supporting a normal physiological developmental stage.

​You’ve followed your baby’s lead with the other development stages such as walking and talking, now find out how to follow your toddler’s lead for an easier time starting toileting, too.

There are ‘signs of readiness’ to watch out for. This workshop will help you to know when is a good time to start and how to support your child or grandchild.

It is really important to keep the process of starting toileting as stress-free for toddlers as possible. Learning to release wee, and particularly poo, can be psychologically difficult for toddlers.

If you understand the processes going on for them, and have realistic expectations of what is ‘normal’ development, it can help you be more relaxed, and that will make the whole thing easier for all of you.

In this workshop you will learn five simple principles to make the process easier, and give your child a positive sense of their body and what it does.

​Topics covered:

  • Signs of readiness
  • Getting started
  • Potty or toilet
  • Out and about
  • Nighttime
  • Why pooing in a potty is different, psychologically, to wee-ing in the potty
  • Why not to use a star chart
  • Feelings and frustrations
  • Going backwards?
  • Body positivity and consent
  • When is the best time/age to attend this workshop?

The workshop is for parents of toddlers, from eighteen months up. Most children start using a potty or toilet between the ages of two and three years old. We mention elimination communication (EC), where babies use potties or toilets for poos and/or wees from an earlier age, but the focus is on those who do not use the EC approach. The workshop may still be useful for those who use a combination. The approach in this workshop is complimentary to EC.

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