Starting Solids Workshop – in person

Your Starting Solids (weaning) workshop in Whatton is right for you if you are a parent, grandparents, or carer who is thinking about starting solids with their baby or has started to introduce solids.

The information about starting solids is often overwhelming and confusing. You may not know where and how to start! ​You may have questions such as

  • When should you start?
  • Does it matter which meal?
  • What is baby-led weaning?
  • How can you tell they are ready?
  • What if they sleep through a mealtime?
  • Can you combine approaches?
  • What about choking?
  • …..

​This Starting Solids Workshop will answer all your questions, leaving you feeling confident, relaxed, and even excited about your baby’s next step. I am going to keep it simple, with a focus on your individual baby, and their physical development. Your baby, your choice! This workshop will simply give you the information and some ideas to help you with your decisions. You can make your own mind up about what and how to do.

Key message: Relax! You almost can’t get it wrong.

Topics Starting Solids (Weaning) Workshop:

  • baby-led weaning
  • spoon-feeding
  • purées
  • difference between before and after 6 months
  • signs of readiness
  • combining approaches, drinks/milk
  • snacks
  • meal ideas

Includes an information pack with nutritional information; menu ideas and recipes. non-mobile babies are welcome*.

*Please book an online course if your children are crawling or walking.

This workshop is also available in an online or 1:1 format.

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