Birth Partner Workshop

Your family is growing! Congratulations! Then my Birth Partner Workshop is for you!

My Birth Partner Workshop is a 90-minute informative and interactive session on zoom. The workshop is for you to practise positions, breathing, massage and relaxation techniques together with your partner (or friend, relative, doula,…).

Build your confidence in your ability to cope with labour together at home, at a midwife-led unit or in hospital.

Topics covered

  • Practical tips and techniques to support the childbirth process
  • Positions and movement for childbirth
  • Breathing, relaxation and massage for childbirth

All sessions are held via Zoom so that you can practise in your own home, where at least the early stages of labour will be happening! This way, you’ll get a real-life trial run on how to utilise your body, and things from around your home to support the childbirth process.

​You can book any of my workshops on heremy eventbrite page, or you can email me, and we’ll find some dates to suit you!

Cost: £28 per couple/device

The birth partner workshop is a wonderful addition to your hypnobirthing or other antenatal classes. It is also ideal for any subsequent parents. No need to organize childcare for any older children.


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